Welcome to We Heart Fashion, the names says it all. We heart fashion, you heart fashion, that’s what brings you here. This is a blog of two sisters named Kelly Elise and Kim Valerie. Kelly is the main fashion blogger of We Heart Fashion. Kim shares her weekly diary about here life and modelling experiences in the fashion world.

We’re 2 dark haired sisters with freckles, 20 and 22 years old. Born and raised in The Netherlands. Kim started modeling when she was 14 and became more and more interested in fashion. Kelly however, got the fashion fever because of her mom. Still, in the end we both heart fashion.

We think as 2 sisters we can make a difference. Why? We are totally different. Kelly loves to share her daily outfits. Kim’s passion however, is to write about her (modelling) experiences in the fashion world.

We hope you all will enjoy our diary!! Feel free to contact us :)

If you would like to advertise/work with us feel free to send an email to: kk@we-heart-fashion.com